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8000+ Christian Book Collection

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1 8000+ Christian Book Collection on Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:06 pm


Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
First topic message reminder :

Found this great thread on a site, where the guy has managed to collect about 8470 christian books which I bet you would like. From Billy Graham to Joyce Meyer to Benny Hinn and even books by popular african preachers like Pastor Chris and Dag-Heward Mills are all included. This is truly a data mine, or in this case, a spiritual bank for all the christians out there.


"I use Calibre to manage and change the library... With Calibre you can convert any book to another format like pdf, word etc... Each book has a synopses and rating along with meta tags inside Calibre.

Install the software and then import the library location.

Thanks and God bless!!  Smile"

Complete Library & Updates:

Complete Archive:



password to download and extract: forgiven

Open a copy.com account, once you have created a copy.com account.
Click on Archive + Updates copy.com link --- then click SAVE ALL;
You will get an option to SAVE to you ACCOUNT or DOWNLOAD - click on ACCOUNT.
The entire account will appear on your copy.com account.
Now install copy.com software on your pc and log in to your account and it will start downloading to your pc just like a torrent client!

You can also register a google account and import to your google drive.

Library Setup:
Download ALL FILES first!!! and then extract
1. you must download ALL(.7z) the files and have them located in the same folder.
2. you must not rename them, they must all have the same name (with the exception of the .001, .002, 003 extensions)

once you have all the MASTER ACRCHIVES files downloaded (same folder, same name) then you just extract the first file (the .001). 7zip will recognize the following archive files in that folder that go with it and it will extract them all for you into one folder. (you do not extract each update file just the first one)

if you tried this and it still didn't work then you might have to make this change in your 7zip program.

1. open the 7zip program.
2. then open the folder location in 7zip where the update files are located
3. in the 7zip tool bar select "TOOLS" then select "OPTIONS"
4. then select the "SYSTEM" tab.
5. then look for the file type 001. then highlight it and click the + (plus/add) button at the top to associate that file type with Z-zip.
6. then click "OK".

you should be good to extract the update, just make sure you extract the first one (.001) and the rest will follow.

if you don't have 7zip yet, you can get it here free: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html

Source forum: http://www.christiandl.com/index.php/topic,69609.0.html


Anything You Got - Through It At Me!!!
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11 Re: 8000+ Christian Book Collection on Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:01 pm


scratch Ok, there few processes we need to go through........

I see the first part have extracted 100% using the screenshot you provided

Do you get the error below just after the first part have extracted or after the entire files have extracted?

If its just the first part, then you have to follow the error directorate that i have marked in red, and delete the C:\*\*\*\Temp\ delete the folder here......

After that, start the extraction process again. and if problem persist, then we might be dealing with data corruption, because diagnostics have failed on the first part........

If this case i will advice you download the files from a different link in the main post, this time around just download PART 001 AND 002 and start the extraction again just for testing purposes, if its able to exact both without the error... then you can go ahead and download the additional files......

NB: But if you had the error after the entire parts of the files have extracted, then that means you have the entire file ,Go ahead and open the files and lets get your feedback.

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12 Re: 8000+ Christian Book Collection on Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:13 pm


after the entire files have extracted. . (diagnostic message will pup-up ..),.okay i'll try again then if not. .i will follow your suggestion..  thanks for your effort . . .really appreciated. .Smile

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13 Ask for password? on Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:46 pm


I download all the filles like posted and did like shown yet its asking for password?

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14 Re: 8000+ Christian Book Collection on Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:14 pm


Password is " forgiven " ..... it has already been included in the main post


Hacking Is My Religion ..Hackers Inside

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15 Update: 13,000+ Ebooks on Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:58 pm


Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
As an update to the main post (since I can't edit it).

NB: This collection is in no way mine and all credit should go to its originator. I'm just reposting it here.

The collection of more than 13'000 ebooks from frames69

Password: forgiven


Update 14:

Update 15:

Update 16:

here, provided by cooperflex:

Update 17:
or here
mediafire.com folder/exkf5rrc7idl1/Update_17
Use hjsplit to join the files after download.

Maybe you need that to extract:

Here you can download the individual books. I do not know if the collection is complete here.
mediafire.com folder/2xk1gu64sl1ae/Frame_eLibrary



Anything You Got - Through It At Me!!!
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