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today's devotion

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1 today's devotion on Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:23 am


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Saturday 30th August, 2014.


Rom 10:17
So then faith comes by hearing, and by hearing the Word of GOD

The reciprocal of faith is fear. Just like the above verse , fear also comes by hearing the word of the devil. Fear can be seen with the mind's eye like faith. Fear is a spiritual force which can be in operation even when you don't feel it. Fear affects your thought, emotions, heart and leaves you depressed, hopeless, helpless, timid, lifeless and in bondage. We receive new birth, healing, baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT, the promises of GOD, etc by faith. Beloved, when you lose your faith, fear comes in. Do not entertain fear, cast it out of you ( 2 Cor 10:5), because fear is the power the devil uses to destroy but faith is the power GOD uses to create. Hallelujah you are more than a conqueror with your faith. Each time you sense fear open your mouth and speak the word of faith that ; GOD is on your side and you will not fear. Do not fear the unknown, for GOD already has plans for you as HE says in HIS Word that HE knows the plan HE has for you , plans to prosper you not to harm you ( Jer 29:11) . We encourage you to meditate on the Word always, and switch from fear to faith.

The LORD is on my side, I will not fear... ( Ps 118:6).

© My healing JESUS Outreach

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