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 » Modem, MiFi & Router Unlocking » Mi-Fi ( Wireless Dogle Unlocking ) » 

How To Unlock Huawei 3G Mobile WiFi (MiFi) E585, E586Es-2,E5832, E5830, E583C

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Active Newbie
Requirement to unlock MiFi

1.) DC-unlocker  –  Download at -  http://www.dc-unlocker.com/downloads{COPY LINK AND PASTE IN WEB BROWSER}
(DC unlocker only help to provided needed info for the unlock process)

2.) RevSkills/PSAS –  Download program at http://revskills.de/downloads/revskills.zip (COPY LINK AND PASTE IN WEB BROWSER)
(New version of PSAS/RevSkills interface may be different but the functions are the same.)
3.) Notepad (windows) or Text Viewer  (MAC) on your computer.
After successful download now proceed to install DC-unlocker and PSAS/RevSkills to your computer.  Connect modem via usb and install appropriate drivers


You need to insert a new sim (not the branded sim ) . Modem will now show “Invalid Sim” on the OLED. Plug MIFI modem to computer. After connecting computer, in some cases you may need to turn on the modem again some automatically goes off  after plugging to pc, it may go into charging mode. Full charge modem before proceeding. Turn modem on and let computer detect properly.
Once DC Unlocker is open,  Select Huawei modem and use Auto detect on the model. Press botton that looks like hand lens
you should able to get the Modem Model, Port number, IMEI, Firmware version and SIM Lock
Now leave DC Unlocker to run at background .  

Go ahead and open PSAS/RevSkills program
Choose Hardware Forensics and Use Mobile Ports (In new version PSAS/RevSkills, choose “Port Utils – QC+AT-Cmd”).
On the Port Setup drop down,  choose COM5 – \Device\QCUSB_COM5_1 from the Serial Com Port setting. Your COM Port number may be other than COM5. Just choose the COM Port number

You can now go to Diag Port (QC) setting. CLick send button you will see some information at the bottom window. now you need to setup the Diag Funtions. Firstly choose Read EFS from the drop down menu input 600 on the Max Page. (In new version PSAS/RevSkills, choose “Read EFS Factory Image” IGNORE set the Max Page). Endeavour to set Alternative Methods option is checked.  We are almost done press Let’s Go button and you will see a popup for a filename for the log file.  Simply give the file any name immediately detecting process will start.
Hopefully if things goes as planed, you should get a log file from 700KB – 1.5MB in size. Your log file is a complete one if you see a line 55000,0,2,55000,0,255000…. at the end of the log file.
Open the log file, scroll down to the end of the log file, you should see 8 digits unlock code (usually near the number 55000):
If you can’t find the 8 digits unlock code, simply search the log file with PST or LT P (LTspaceP) the code is always close For Huawei E583C – E5830 – E5832 MiFis, check t8 digits unlock code between word “Profile”

Entering unlock code:

1.) Connect your network to your modem insert an invalid sim .
2.)  Open any webpage it will redirected to and request 8 digits unlock code.  Enter the code and the page will refresh and modem is automatically unlocked ….

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Support Moderator
Support Moderator
nice post, think this is really going to help most of us.
But can you please correct the link to download RevSkills/PSAS ?
there is an error there so please check and correct it for us.

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thats really a good post Dutty.... I have been looking for help about this... its gonna help me a lot..... thanks sooo much Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Active Newbie
Welcome man.. If u need any help im'ma be their 4 u

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