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[HELP] Extremely Tight University School Wireless Structure.

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Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
Guys I need some advice on any possible ways of bypassing a seriously tight school firewall, so I can access blocked content.

Current Situation:
1. Access to internet is strictly via an ip address (eg.
2. All other ports seems blocked.(This is due to the fact that vpns worked before, but now whatsapp is even blocked and all known vpn softwares and the like doesn't work. Other protocols like pptp, ssh, ssh+, you name it no longer work)
3. Authentication is required to access net. (I have a username and password though)
4. Downloads limited or in most cases blocked.
5. Access to some websites blocked. (they seem to be using a dns filter of sorts) obviously p2p connection (Torrents) blocked, however u can download the .torrent file.

Extra Details:
1. Previously, I was able to setup NMD vpn to work with a vpnbook config which I modified to add the school proxy. But now due to the user authentication required by proxy it cant connect. Does anyone know how I can add proxy authorization to the config??
2. Using anonymous proxies remove restrictions on downloads, especially the https or ssl types (eg. https://12345proxy.com).However 12345proxy seems to be blocked or offline altogether now. Does anyone know of any good working anonymous https web proxy that has no download restriction and support resume??

If you can help or if you know of any free vpn that supports proxy authentication it would help me greatly.

Ps: If you you are not clear on anything mentioned or if you need any extra information, feel free to ask.

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Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
I am able to download torrents less than 1gig using filestream and selecting ssl download, so https is uncensored


Anything You Got - Through It At Me!!!
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Active Newbie
Thank you very much.......
I'm having the same problem here in my school so guys we need ur help seriously

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In this sort of situations, vpn software is not easy to penetrate, however you should use online proxy address like daveproxy.co.uk or others so you can enter the destination address inside that site to reach you destination, USUALLY THIS ALLOWS YOU TO BYPASS DOWNLOAD LIMIT ASWELL

t9space.com is also a powerful proxy but will only allow you to access website in wap mode to browse and download content, also for the p2p, i think is best to cache the torrent at zbigs or similar site to enable you download,

do you happen to know the ip address of the server been used in the school? in other to bypass all restriction from the sever , you need a ping the server and log in using dos, that's if you have a username and password giving to you by the administrator or the school, note am not talking about public username and password giving to student

i have setup many servers in different companies and the security group policy i apply to users are similar to that of your school, the funny thing is, i have never tried to hack my own security policy on a server that i created, but now i think you have raised a very serious questions that i need answers to, so i can further secure servers hence forth,

Any more light to this questions will be very helpful to members of the the site


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Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
Although I'm yet to try, I'm thinking about using Proxifier with openVPN (quite ambitious).
Using opera 12 with turbo browsing allow me to access restricted sites, but still doesnt fix the download issue.

Is it possible to setup proximitrom to channel all traffic to a web proxy???

@phAnth0m, online proxies work if only they support ssl. I was able to try
https://safenfree.com and https://zend2.com which did not support resume and https://zalmos.com and https://xperienc.com which did yesterday.

I cache my torrents using filestream and download using their ssl feature, my only problem is the 1gig limit.

Will try your suggestion of pinging the server (I do know the ip of the server, although the username and pass will be a problem)

Will keep you guys informed of any updates.....


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