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How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On Your Android SmartPhone

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Forum Helper
By now every Smartphones including Nokia Asha should have whatsapp already installed; but for reason or the other, you might want to installed multiple whatsapp on your device perhaps for privacy or so. Then thistutorial I’m about to share is for you.


==>Rooted Android Device
==>Sufficient memory space to create multiple account
==>You phone must have a dual sim facility
==>Switch me multiple account app

How Can I Install Multiple Whatsapp On My Andriod?

Before I go on, Its important you know the work of the switch me app. SwitchMeApp is an application known for
creating multiple user account. This app assists you to login and logout from multiple user spaces just like the way we do in our PC or laptops. Every particular user account will have its own settings, applications and data and it will not interfere with the other account.

==>Download the SwitchMeApp
==>Run and install it then open it once installation isbcomplete
==>Grant the SU access to go ahead with the app
==>Now in order to configure 2 different whatsapp accounts you will have to create 2 different profiles.
==>The two accounts will have their own separate data.
==>The very first profile would be the admin profile and all your current apps would be available on thisadmin profile.
==>Utilise the SwitchMe app for switching to the second account.
==>Once you have these two accounts ready you can go ahead and download the whatsapp from the Google play store
==>Register your new SIM once you have completed the installation process.Once you are done with the above, you can then enjoy the multiple whatsapp. Mind you, the multiple account can’t work at the same time until you switch account.

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Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
great minds are at work Smile

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that is good, now I can use one phone for two numbers, it's like using a China phone but only better

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Nino 1

Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
I only knew of OG whatsapp that helps you use two whatsapp apps on your phone. Even with that one you dont have to switch accounts. All the two whatsapp would be working at the same time. OGwhatsapp can be download using google search.

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Yep, you are definitely on point. OGWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp app for Android that allows you to use 2 numbers of WhatsApp on one device Without “Root” and they works in one time together, OGwhatapp will do the trick, Am not really a fun of whatapp because it most waste my time, but for the guys who love whatapp, here is  link to mediafire wheer you can download OGwhatapp,



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Nino 1

Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
I just installed OGwhatsapp and Whatsapp plus. Its perfectly working. Please there is a new version of the OGwhatsapp on kickass.so or kat.ph.
Install these two types of whatsapp and you will always be smiling

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Guys Help me with the installation because after i finish downloading and try to install it tells me parse error

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Support Moderator
Support Moderator
Parse erroe usually show when one is trying to install a software that is above the phone's os. What phone are you using and what is the os the phone is operating on ? If it meets the standard requirement then i would suggest you to redownload from a different site or the same site.


Sp@nner make fun of somone  make fun of somone Sp@nner

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