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How to trace any person surfing on Internet

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1 How to trace any person surfing on Internet on Thu Nov 06, 2014 6:38 am


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Support Moderator

How to trace any person surfing on Internet

We often find difficulties when we are dealing with strangers on the internet and want to know the exact location from which are communicating from? This is often the case when we are freelancing and are chatting with a person who says he is from some country but we doubt on it.

There are number of skype accounts which are wrongly flagged for scamming purposes.  So, if you want to know who the person talking and want to avoid any sort of scam online, follow the steps below:

CLICK HERE  and a web page will open. A web page such as above would be provided to you regarding the details of the traced person

1. On the page you need provide your email id and get registered.
2.  After that a unique link would be mailed to you and you can use it for tracing the person
3. Just send your target that link and all the data regarding his exact location would be mailed to you.
4. You can send the link to the target telling him about something related to the chat you want to show, for example you are dealing with a web designing client, you can tell him to click the link and see the website it is your own creation after it you can apologize him by saying ‘sent you a wrong link ignore it’ I hope you got the point.

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