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The power of his resurrection

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1 The power of his resurrection on Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:44 pm

Nino 1

Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
[[Phi 3:10]]

The doctrine of a risen Saviour is exceedingly precious. The resurrection is the corner-stone of the entire building of Christianity. It is the key-stone of the arch of our salvation. It would take a volume to set forth all the streams of living water which flow from this one sacred source, the resurrection of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; but _ to know_ that he has risen, and to have fellowship with him as such communing with the risen Saviour by possessing a risen life seeing him leave the tomb by leaving the tomb of worldliness ourselves, this is even still more precious. The doctrine is the basis of the experience, but as the flower is more lovely than the root, so is the experience of fellowship with the risen Saviour more lovely than the doctrine itself. I would have you _ believe_ that Christ rose from the dead so as to sing of it, and derive all the consolation which it is possible for you to extract from this well-ascertained and well-witnessed fact; but I beseech you, rest not contented even there. Though you cannot, like the disciples, see him visibly, yet I bid you aspire to see Christ Jesus by the eye of faith; and though, like Mary Magdalene, you may not touch him, yet may you be privileged to converse with him, and to know that he is risen, you yourselves being risen in him to newness of life. To know a crucified Saviour as having crucified all my sins, is a high degree of knowledge; but to know a risen Saviour as having justified me, and to realize that he has bestowed upon me new life, having given me to be a new creature through his own newness of life, this is a noble style of experience: short of it, none ought to rest satisfied. May you both know him, and the power of his resurrection. Why should souls who are quickened with Jesus, wear the grave-clothes of worldliness and unbelief? Rise, for the Lord is risen.

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2 Re: The power of his resurrection on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:25 am


Active Newbie
my Savior without him I am nothing thank you for dying for me thank you nino

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3 Re: The power of his resurrection on Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:54 pm


Truely He is the risen Christ. The power of His resurrection is so great. And He has received a name which is above every name that is named.

Then there's the power in His blood. The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ redeems mankind from this wretched, sinful nature we have received from Adam. Only the blood of Jesus has the power to overcome sin. It's all in there; the resurrection power.


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