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[Download] .Net Framework, All versions Inside (v1.0 - v4.5)

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Many time when you Install a New 3rd Party Software in you Computer and in some some Software an error occur Showing "Require Windows .Net Framework" or any thing else similar to this.

Some time Software Developer mention that you need Microsoft .Net Framework to Install this Software. Why? and What is .Net Framework.]

What is Microsoft .Net Framework?

Microsoft Operation System require Microsoft .Net Framework, to install the Programs which are developed using .Net Programming.

When a .Net Framework is installed in your PC, Then it setups a Software environment, so that it can provide the appropriate runtime requirements to the software.

List of all Microsoft .Net framework Versions:

Here are all Versions available of .Net Frameworks, Some of them comes Install by Default In Microsoft Operation Systems and all available to download in Official Microsoft OS as well.

Following are the Versions of Microsoft .Net Framework:

  • .NET Framework 1.0
  • .NET Framework 1.1 (comes installed in Windows Server 2003)
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • .NET Framework 3.0 (comes installed in Windows Vista and Server 2008)
  • .NET Framework 3.5 (comes installed in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2)
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • .NET Framework 4.5 (comes installed in Windows 8 and Server 2012)

Below are the Download Links of .net Framework

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0

.Net Framework Redistributable 1.0,
.Net Framework 1.0 SP 3
Note: .NET Framework 1.0 SP 3  installer also installs .NET Framework Redistributable 1.0,

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1

.Net Framework Redistributable Package 1.1,
.Net Framework 1.1 SP1

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

.Net Framework 2.0 SP 1 32-bit
.Net Framework 2.0 SP 1 64-bit

.Net Framework 2.0 SP 2

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0

[url=download.microsoft.com/download/4/2/C/42CB3D49-40D7-4C2A-BFAF-E8E9E9D05928/NDP30SP2-KB2604110-x86.exe].Net Framework 3.0 SP 2 32-bit[/url]
[url=download.microsoft.com/download/4/2/C/42CB3D49-40D7-4C2A-BFAF-E8E9E9D05928/NDP30SP2-KB2604110-x64.exe].Net Framework 3.0 SP 2 64-bit[/url]

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

[url=download.microsoft.com/download/6/0/f/60fc5854-3cb8-4892-b6db-bd4f42510f28/dotnetfx35.exe].Net Framework 3.5 32-bit and 64-bit[/url]
[url=download.microsoft.com/download/2/0/e/20e90413-712f-438c-988e-fdaa79a8ac3d/dotnetfx35.exe].Net Framework 3.5 SP 1 32-bit and 64 bit[/url]

Note: .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1 and SP 2  installer also installs .NET Framework 2.0.

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

.Net Framework 4.0 32-bit and 64-bit
[url=download.microsoft.com/download/5/6/4/5641DA81-E6FA-4550-9F80-A1D862D9CFAA/dotNetFx40_Full_x86.exe].Net Framework 4.0 64-bit[/url]

Note: .NET Framework 4.0  installer don't install any other version .

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5

[url=download.microsoft.com/download/b/a/4/ba4a7e71-2906-4b2d-a0e1-80cf16844f5f/dotnetfx45_full_x86_x64.exe].Net Framework 4.5 32-bit and 64-bit[/url]

Note: .NET Framework 4.5  installer don't install any other version .

If you want to have Full Microsoft .Net Framework in your PC you need to install following four .NET framework versions:

  • .NET Framework 1.0 SP3
  • .NET Framework 1.1 SP1
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • .NET Framework 4.5

PS: If you don't know which Version of Microsoft .Net Framework is installed in your OS then you can take help of our below Tutorial.

How to Check Which Version of Microsoft .NET Framework is Installed in Windows?

Now you should not face any problem in installing the required .NET Framework version to use your favorite software which requires it. Wink


@technology lol! #keepdoingyou
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thanks for the share bro

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