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Advantages & Disadvantages of Rooting your Android Phone

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Rooting is the removal or replacement of device`s operating system. According to the recent news, rooting can make one device to lose its warranty. Rooting is compared to the jailbreak for running the Apple IOS operating system. However, as we know a coin has two sides similarly. There are Advantage and Disadvantage of Rooting your phone.

Advantages of Rooting your Phone


ROM is the software which is responsible for the function of your device. There are many custom ROM’s available in the market that can make your device look as well as function differently. With the help of this custom software, you can load the newest android available in the market and upgrade your device to the latest version which suits you the best according to the one’s need.


Themes play a major role in any device used for games and many more things. Themes are the graphics that appear in your device. Themes can be totally customized after rooting your device, and it gives a free look to the device.


Internal memory is the main problem faced by many android users, but with rooting this internal memory can be increased with the help of the memory card.

Many features are not permitted or do not support in many android devices but with the rooting system, this problem can be easily solved.

Disadvantages of Rooting your Phone

With such advantages of rooting, there are also few disadvantages of rooting.


Rooting can make your device’s warranty invalid provided by the device company. So many of the people prefer rooting their handsets after the warranty period is completed, as rooting may lead to bricking of phone. 


Rooting your phone has the chances to lead to bricking. Bricking simply means becoming like brick, so bricking of either devices your device becomes unusable like brick after rooting, as many times rooting is not carried out properly and, which can damage your device so badly that it will no longer be able to perform its functions. 


While rooting or after rooting many of the unwanted features gets installed by the users unknowingly, by which your device gets infected with the virus. 


The main purpose of rooting is to enhance the performance of the device but many have observed the declination in the performance speed as well as the features.

CONCLUSION: Before rooting your device just look forward to its advantages as well as its disadvantages as the safety of your device is in your own hands.

If you are Ready to Root you Android Phone then Read you below Article:
How to root an Android device ?


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Well...well..well. It used to be the very first thing i did whenever I got a new phone. The possibilities are limitless. It is very important especially when some manufacturers decide to leave some of their phones behind when you talk of updates. In that case you best bet would be to root the phone in order to have admin privileges, install custom recovery and go ahead to flash the new ROM.


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