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Be content with where and who you are on the way to accomplish your desires

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Dr. Agbadza works in one of California"s biggest cardiology centres. His wife heads over 200 people in an IT firm in Silicone Valley too.

Living above average, they have one dream for which they saved religiously. The dream to some day go back to Koforidua in the eastern region and set up their own businesses...

Meanwhile, Martins and his wife, who both run successful businesses in Koforidua, have not missed their "prayer point" in the last 4 years. "Lord, this dream must come through.. We must relocate to America.. Lord i decree"...

Kwame Amo watches through the window of his high rise Barcleys Bank office everyday admiring independent businessmen, Hating his cage "Sorry his job i mean" and wishing to be a self employed entrepreneur someday...


Mike Annan walks pass the same Barcleys Bank building everyday. His CV in his hand and sweat on his forehead. asking God "When?. When would i say i work for Barcleys bank?..That should be my office up there"...

Mrs Akosua Abukari, wife of a multi billionaire, wishes she could turn back time and re-pick her husband.. Can't believe how hellish it is and wishes for singleness....

Meanwhile, Nana Adjoa, who works for her, would give anything to be Mr. Abukari's wife. 4th wife is still OK. "See fine man with cash. Kai, some women are lucky", she says...

The stupidity that is inherent in envy and comparisons of lives is the kind that needs exorcism to expel....

Given the shoes of a man with the life you want may be all that you need to cure you of your inordinate longing..

The saying that goes.."The grass is always greener on the other side " means you see only the glamour and not the pain...

In conclusion, I say in all things, let's learn to give thanks to God.. Be content with where and who you are on the way to accomplish your desires....

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Nino 1

Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
This is a wonderful topic and thanks for encouraging me to be content with what I have. Envy is a very bad thing which leads to hatred. I am who I am in Christ Jesus.

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You are right bro....!!! And you are welcome... W are all guilty sometimes about this situation when we tend not to be content...

And in the end, we end up loosing what we rather had or never even having anything close.... We simply have to trust in God and be content even if is not enough... Smile Smile Smile


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Its common practice to wont to be in someones shoes, because there is always going to be someone who have more of everything in this world than you.

To work hard and be in ones shoe is not wrong at all, However to use such words like " That should be my office up there " "4th wife is still OK. See fine man with cash. Kai, some women are lucky" This purely envy and evil.

Its depends on the intentions and procedures you will follow to be in someones shoes.


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Yeah ADMIN....i agree with your thoughts.... In this world, there is always someone up there who has more than you when you think you better off..

I guess you just have to be okay with your status and thank God for that before you loose it and start whining about it and making comments like "had i known" which a good friend of mine says "are the words of a FOOL"....

we just have to work hard to get up there in order to save us the time of thinking about being in the others shoes which leads to envyness and makes one a sinner...


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