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Please i need help removing download cap of my school wifi

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Support Moderator
Support Moderator
Please i need help removing download cap of my school wifi.

They have put a download cap of 50 kilobyte on the wifi and lan.
i tried a couple of tutorials online but they dont work anymore they found most of them and blocked it.

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Go ahead an provide further details as to what exactly you want to get done. I'm not getting your point clearly.


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Okay, here's the deal. I had the same issue and through searching I found a way of bypassing the bandwidth cap and increasing the speed of downloads considerably high.

I used a software called "Ultra Surf".

Ultrasurf is a freeware program designed to evade internet censorship that exists in some countries. In this post I'll explain how it works, and what Ultrasurf can and can't do. It's a standalone .exe file - so you can run it from a USB stick without installation. When it's running, you access sites through Ultrasurf's own servers. This can make browsing slower, but this seems to be the price to pay for avoiding online censorship and filtering.

With Ultrasurf you can bypass firewalls and access blocked sites. Websites will not be aware of your IP address, but because all traffic goes through the Ultrasurf, the company itself does collect data. Ultrasurf say they only keep traffic logs for short periods and to monitor performance, but basically you just have to trust their organization with your information! Ultrasurf has been used extensively in China and during the Arab Spring uprisings. It's main use is evading web censorship, firewalls and blocked sites. In terms of 'private browsing', while it offers more anonymity than normal browsing, this has never been Ultrasurf's primary concern.

The biggest criticisms of Ultrasurf came this year in a post called https://blog.torproject.org/blog/ultrasurf-definitive-review on the Tor blog. In this extensive report the author criticized many aspects of Ultrasurf, but from a journalistic point of view it's a report that is hard to swallow. Tor is a competing product to Ultrasurf, and both clearly have different ideologies about internet privacy: Tor is better suited to someone who just wants anonymity (although Tor isn't 100% safe either), whereas Ultrasurf is more about evading censorship, and actually getting access to restricted sites.

Utrasurf is great at what it does, and if you need to get around firewalls, it's probably your best option, even if it's not the anonymity haven that some people want it to be.

Ultra Surf can be downloaded from this site https://goo.gl/79a0gS

I dont know how but it did the magic for me and my download speed increased. I could sometimes get 9MB on LAN and 3MB on WiFi.

But there is another post here which could help you, it helped me a lot thanks to the Admin. Here is the site http://hackgh.wikiforum.net/t3064-how-to-bypass-bandwidth-limitation#8810


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