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Apologise for dumsor deceit – Afenyo Markins to govt

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Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alexander Afenyo Markins is frustrated about what he says is government's continuous deceit on when the worsening power crisis will end.

According to him, the April deadline set to bring the much talked about power barges to ease the power crisis known as dumsor has turned out to be another “propaganda stunt”.

Government officials had claimed the two barges would be in the country by April, but a day before the month ends, there is no sign they will be arriving soon.

Afenyo Markins' comment comes after it emerged that the two power barges to be supplied by Turkish Energy Company, Karpower, is still under construction.

Karpower’s Director of Africa and Asia, Patrick O'Driscoll stated unequivocally that the barges, expected to add 500 megawatts, are far from ready.

Speaking on Accra-based Citi FM, the Effutu MP called on government to render an unqualified apology to Ghanaians for “giving us false hope”

He said the claim by the Karpower Director exposes President Mahama and Power Minister; Dr. Kwabena Donkor as “liars”.

"Consistently, government has been giving misleading and inconsistent answers to solving this dumsor crisis and it is worrying,” he bemoaned.

Afenyo Markins said though he is not surprised about the deceit, "be candid to the citizenry for once to enable us plan our lives” he urged government.

Source: GhanaWeb

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Forum Hacker
Forum Hacker
oooh Ghana!! "Ena asase daho gyenaa ene wura", Comfort Annor, where are you? hmmm. It's very disheartening when I hear such talks.This government has been lying to Ghanaians right from day 1 they came into power. Could you even imagine it's been 4days now no light at my area, Ga West, Amasaman Constituency.....hmmmm.


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Comfort said it right, "Se Agya no ba, Obiara beba beye na no" only God can judge Ghanian politicians, they have really killed any hope that we will have power back and it seems the president is that naive about 3 and half years of domsur, what i sometime wonder is. does he even here the cries of Ghanians and he does , what comes to his mind.

I woke up this dawn and noticed my light were off, the funny thing is its not ECG that took the power, because i had no power anyway but the generator is short of fuel. i just bought 6 gallons of fuel from the filling station that belongs to a politician. if there is dumsor and he is making money more than he use to make before. what makes you think he is going to even raise an issue in parliament about dumsor. hmmmm


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It is now very evidently clear what kind of man we have put at the Flagstaff House. If a whole president can stand before 25+ million Ghanaians on the floor of parliament and lie to them. What shocks more are those guys who don't even get to benefit a pesewa and yet defend the heartless actions of the ruling government. As if they have no eyes or ears or are not living in the country.

Initially, we were given all sorts of excuses like gas supply from Nigeria, Akosombo water levels, maintenance of thermal plants, etc etc. 3 yrs fly by just like that. Then the presidents comes to say that we are going to have some relief in in April. Today is the 30th of April.

And now we are told to expect something by September. Wooaa look. Even that they kept silent on it until Joy News gave the filla....hmmm:(


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evans williams

Active Newbie
so what is really the problem that the president is not willing to solve? just do the action and stop the promises.till when are we going to be in this situation?the government should know that,our famillies use the light for their daily activities in jobs in order to pay fees,accommodation,businessesand even the taxes.

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