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Mahama is that school kid who is always last – Lydia Forson

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Outspoken award winning Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has lashed out at President John Mahama for his failure to solve the numerous challenges facing the nation especially, the power crisis.

According to Ms Forson, despite the many chances Ghanaians have given to the President to make do his promises, the problems remain unsolved.

In a letter written to the President and posted on her Facebook page, Lydia Forson indicated that the general public should be aware that “the president really doesn’t care about us; we the little people we the ones who are not significant enough to be bothered about.”

She is the latest Ghanaian celebrity to speak up against government’s inability to permanently fix the energy crisis known as ‘dumsor’.

Below is Lydia Forson’s letter to President Mahama

I’ve been meaning to writing this for a while, but every time I start I’m just reminded of all the drama my friends face on my behalf every time I “speak” my mind. I’ve told them to stop fighting my battles, but well they won’t listen.

Personally I’m past caring about what people think of the things I have to say, it’s not for their benefit that I write; its for the many people who don’t have a voice or a platform like mine to express themselves.

But last night I had an encounter with a man who all but told me that I need to shut up about issues that aren’t about me or don’t concern me.

Now being the lady that I ” pretend” to be I basically tried to keep my cool and let him know, my parents didn’t raise me to be a fool. They raised me to ask questions, think and have an opinion.

So in honour of the fool who’s STUPIDTY can’t be cured I’m about to go in on something I’ve tried to stay out of, you know, just to piss him off a little. Ha, I like that, piss him of!

See I’ve kept mute of this #dumsor issue going on between my friends on social media because the last time I wrote to President Mahama he ignored me.

Chaii dude didn’t even call me !!?????

How much rejection can one take Huh?

One person refuses to marry me and other won’t call me?

Well I’m too much woman for them anyway.

Sorry I digress.

Anyway…. Mahama

Our president is like that kid in school who is always last, always gives the wrong answers and never seems to grasp what is being taught.

But for some reason you keep rooting for him, you keep hoping he will come out and shock everyone, come out and put people to shame, come out and make people take back every little mean thing they said about him.

You keep waiting and waiting until you all graduate and he’s still stuck in the same class because he didn’t pass.

I hate that I have to say this about someone I truly do admire and like many people really want him to make a change.

But when you frustrate people enough, your feelings don’t matter anymore.

The truth is by now you should know, the president really doesn’t care about us ;we the little people we the ones who are not significant enough to be bothered about.

I mean how do you believe the bulls**t he’s constantly trying to feed us about understanding us.

Please Mr.President take several seats on that one because you really have no clue what it’s like to live like us the COMMON people.

Hey I have an idea, why don’t you try having your lights off for maybe 48 hours( and thats being generous) And sleep in the heat because you’re afraid to leave the windows open, in case thieves try to break in.

Oh and on top of that add the fact that you can’t even afford a generator because you’re not making enough to buy one, and when you finally do make some money the value is basically useless because the cedi continues to depreciate.

Let’s see if you don’t lose your mind.

Then and only then will I believe you understand just about 3% of how frustrating to live in Ghana.

So really I’m not even going to address you Mr. President.

I’m going to sit here in the heat and hold my breath till you SHOCK me.( hope I don’t die from waiting)

FYI please tell your little minions who call me every time I write to you to stop, I don’t like that.

And their voices aren’t even sexy, aaah, its you I want to hear from. So if it’s not you they shouldn’t call me. They should also keep their threats in the sandbox they play in when they meet their buddies for play time; I don’t play with kids, too grown for that.

And please oh I apologize to everyone this post will offend, I already apologized the last time and hoped it would cover this post as well. But hey, there’s more to come so my apology covers all the things I haven’t even thought of writing yet.


Source: Citifmonline.com

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lydia is right, how can you promise and fail for 4 years? does he even know whats going on? he promised power badges in april but as usual it turn out to be a blatant lie, now he says it will rather arrive in september which is probably be another lie.
Its as if he doesn't see how people are lossing their jobs, their sanity and even their lives. You lose your job so you have little or no money for food, the little food you get you can't even store it cos dumsor will make it go bad. You also have to sleep in extreme heat cos you have no electricity to power your fan. God help us


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Hmmm... Its really bad to learn that all these issues cropping up are only sending the country into destruction... Hope it doesn't get to that.... I like the way Lydia has written the letter, its open and represent every Ghanaians whose voice is not be heard, ie those who don't have a voice or platform to express themselves about about the hardship they are going through....

She has touched so many things concerning the current devastating power crisis called "Dumsor" and i just like the way she talked about it.... The President doesn't experience anything like even 5 seconds power outage which is kind of hilarious but i wish he was is the shoes of those of us Ghanaians out there who are suffering to make ends meet and yet end up making no profit but more losses due to "Dumsor".....

I believe we all know the kind of promises that this Government  has made and FAILED to fulfill any esp. promises about ending this "Dumsor" menace.. Always deceiving Ghanaians just to buy more time to cover up for themselves... I think by now any Ghanaian who still trusts the President to surprise everyone might have given up hope by now...Trust is a delicate commodity, once you loose it, its very difficult to get it back and i think the President has lost the trust of so many Ghanaians and i guess those People just can't wait for 2016....

I like the letter and i back her decision to write many of these letters to serve as a representative for those of us who are not being thought about let alone cared for or who don't have the platform to express our built up frustrations and feelings....  #DumsormustSTOP...  #HACKGH4LIFE...

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