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How To Place Advertizement On HackGh

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1Pro Admin How To Place Advertizement On HackGh on Mon May 25, 2015 2:17 am



How To Place Targeted Ads On HackGh

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Thank you for your interest in advertising with our Forum! HackGh runs a Targeted Ad Platform with which any member can place adverts on the sections of HackGh where the people he/she wants to reach are most likely to be found. We make sure that your ads are viewed by every single customer that lands at HackGh. Below are some of the screenshots to guide choose a slot and start your advertize.....

There are many advertising slots in every section of HackGh. This means advertisers can place their ads on any section anytime they wont. Once all slots are full, any attempt to place ads on the same section by other advertisers will result in a pending placement. However, once a slot is vacated by an advertiser for one of 2 reasons - manual removal or contract runs out - the slot will be handed over to the advertiser with the earliest pending placement. That is, "1st come, 1st served!"


Point to consider adding to Banner & Post Advertizement:

You might consider adding these point to your advertizement banner or post: Your business, product or services, contact, phone number , Price, Payment currency and payment mode should both be in $ and ₵, you can also use Paypal, Credit card, mobile money or bank transaction as payment method since you are adverting to the world and not just Ghanians. Anyone around the world can buy your product or services just like we advertize and sell our products and services at HackGh,

NB:Remember if you cant create a banner yourself, you can hire a graphic designer at HackGh to design you a banner according to your specifications of your business, product or services, then place the banners at the slots

How do you charge? Per month? Per Year? Per Views?

We charge for approximate value delivered. This is highly correlated with traffic on the short run.  and when you're charged more, it will most likely be due to an increase in traffic. However, on the long run, that's not the only factor we consider. We have developed a robust pricing algorithm to make sure that you will always get what you pay for.

We also offer audio ads at HackGh for Premium advertisers .......Our Premium Audio advertizement are payed per hours, day, weekend, making sure you product or services is transmitted to our visitors using audio.....

More reasons why you should advertize with us....

Every Country in the world visit HackGh, All the 200+ countries in the world? Yep!!!! you can verify it from the flag counter at the left/down of the Forum. Which means your products and services is advertized around the world.

Our advertizement algorithm report which is online can even identity the country, capital, City and Town, the visitor is visiting from, our advertisers will have direct link to this report online, Even check on daily bases if you wish from the comfort of their Offices or Homes, You can also use your phone or tablet to check as well.

We look forward to doing business with you! CALL 233240953475 and negotiate for advertizement slots today, be smart and advertize your business, products or services with the Hottest forum in Ghana today.

Best regards,

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Hacking Is My Religion ..Hackers Inside

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2Pro Admin Re: How To Place Advertizement On HackGh on Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:43 pm


More reason why you should advertise with us.........

HacKGh Seo script have been undated with new 2017 Google Seo Index, We will patch every month to some of the giant
search engine like Google,Yahoo, Bing and also giant site like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We are constantly updating to make sure your advertisement is seen by millions of people all year round.


Hacking Is My Religion ..Hackers Inside

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