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Mahama needs wisdom – Bishop Heward-Mills

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1 Mahama needs wisdom – Bishop Heward-Mills on Thu Jun 11, 2015 4:47 pm


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Founding Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International Dag Heward-Mills prayed for the President, John Mahama, and his team of leaders to receive “wisdom from above.”

Heward-Mills also prayed for Ghana to be delivered from “vampires who will drink the blood of the nation” and “from evil men who would sit in places of authority and do evil things.”

Bishop Heward-Mills, a tele-evangelist who leads one of the most populous churches in Ghana, said the prayers Wednesday morning at the national memorial service held at the forecourt of the State House in Accra for the 152 victims who perished in the flood and fire disaster last week, June 3.

It was an inter-religious service where prayers were said by Muslim leaders, traditional leaders and Christian leaders.

Below is a transcript of Heward-Mills’ prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank you for our nation, thank you for our leader the President; we ask that you would strengthen him, comfort him also, and encourage him.

Lord, it has been 58 years since we took control of this country to try to lead ourselves forward into prosperity, to establishment and into good things. Lord it has not been easy for these 58 years of doing our own leadership and our own management.

So now we are asking you for wisdom because your word says if anyone lacks wisdom, he should ask for wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing. So we pray for our President; give him wisdom to overcome the complex and difficult problems and challenges that are in this nation, to overcome the difficulties and the hurdles that prevent development, that prevent good decisions from being taken, that prevent good decisions from being implemented. Give him the wisdom—wisdom from above.

Father, we are looking up to you because only you can help us. And now we thank you for those in authority. In every sphere, in every department, in every area, grant them wisdom.

And deliver us; deliver our nation from wicked people in authority, deliver us from evil men who would sit in places of authority and do evil things, deliver us from vampires who will drink the blood of the nation and leave nothing behind.

Bless our nation with good leaders; and for those that are there now, we thank you that you are helping them and that your grace and your wisdom is given to them to lead [us] forward into a good and a better situation. We give you thanks for your great wisdom that is now released into this nation in Jesus name; and everyone said, Amen.

Source: Daily Guide

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This prayer sums it all. The bloodsucking vampires must definitely be gotten rid of in order for Ghana to succeed. I'm just hoping the president himself is not of those wicked people in authority. Hehehe.


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There is a popular proverb in akan" The elderly that allow children to cook and eat snakes in the house is also termed as a snake eater, Mahama is the kingpin who oversee all the snake eaters in government, ofcus he is a snake eater...heheheh


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Hahaha... Well that was a really great prayer there... I think the prayer was more than just a prayer... To me its more of some personal words directed to the president and his Ministers to sit up and put an end to this seemingly endless misery that we are going through...

Indirectly, I think the bishop was trying to alert the President that his Government is by far the worse in Ghana's history and needs to go for advice from those who have been there and succeeded before.... Its all about God's wisdom ans he is lucky some of his predecessors are still alive for him to seek advice from...

Of course, someone works day in day out to make an ends meet but gets very lean salary at the end of the month whiles this evil men sit in places of authority doing absolutely nothing yet earning much more and looting the rest away as well.... The country really needs God's intervention and the President really needs God's wisdom and guidance through this desperate miserable times....

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