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Turn Android Phone Into Server

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1 Turn Android Phone Into Server on Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:54 am


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We all love our smartphones and tablets, but they comes and goes out of fashion very quickly and newer takes place. With newer and more powerful out every six months or more gadgets, it does not take long for old phones accumulate around the house, especially if you are on a family plan. You can recycle these old phones, or sell them, but we have a better idea. You should turn android phone into a server for one of the many needs you may have. To turn android phone into server, your phone needed to be rooted for super user access. See this how to root android phone.

What is a server and which can I use?

For those who do not have much experience in the IT or other computer technology complex, you may think a server is only these giant media equipment you see in data centers and big-budget movies Action irritable. In fact, a server is a computer designed to process requests for information or files. Almost any computer can be converted to run as a server, and that includes Android devices.

There are several types of servers that you can run on Android, which each have different abilities, and many free and paid apps that will help you get there. To function as a server, your Android device must know the “protocols” to share information. Each protocol is a set of connection rules that all computers or applications follow to connect to your server. There are three main types of servers to turn android phone into server that you can run on Android.

Web Server

A Web server that you are currently visiting. Each site ran a Web server. Apps can act as a web server, as it requires very low processing power to perform a site. You can use it to host a family website or just to store pages locally. A Web server uses HTTP and everything is easy for Android to run, can be difficult to set up depending on what you want to do with it.
File Server

A file server is fairly simple and easy to perform, because all it does not create a directory where you can download files from. While Android devices do not have too much space, many can be expanded with MicroSD cards or external storage and a file server is a great way to store files of all shapes and sizes with her. A file server generally uses the FTP protocol.
Media Server

A media server is probably the coolest and most interesting thing you can do for your Android device, but is also the most complex. A media server lets your Xbox, PS3, PC or other devices in the home to connect and watch videos, listen to music, and more from your Android phone or tablet, where these files are stored . It is a sort of advanced version of a file server and uses a number of different protocols, such as DLNA, allowing your other gadgets at home to connect and stream files.
Some Other Types Of Servers

There are other types of servers, you can run specific commands that your needs may be. A quick Google search or look on the Play Store will tell if the type of server you want to run is possible. Some of the applications that we stress can also run these other types of servers you may be interested in There are also some types of servers (such as a mail server) that are too difficult to explain easily or instruct on how to configure properly without encounter some difficult tasks networking.

What should I use applications?

There are many apps but to meet your needs, we have highlighted some applications below that can help you get things started. All these applications can run or more types of the above servers and are either free or reasonably priced. They all work the same with a similar configuration of your server of choice so, but we will guide you along each one of them.

Ultimate Server

Ultimate server is the application of the most feature-rich and efficient server for Android. It features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to start and stop servers. From the Home screen, you can add servers, delete servers, and configure more than 60 types of servers, it offers your preference. This makes ultimate server an excellent choice for all types of servers, but it costs $ 9 after a 14-day trial limited.

Depending on what you want to do, ultimate Servers has a number of server types to meet your needs ranging from HTTP for Web servers, FTP for file servers and DLNA media servers. Each server type has specific configurations you need to guide you through to determine which is your preferred configuration. Unfortunately, it is difficult to guide you along every server 60 + who has ultimate Servers, but they all work the same way – you click on the first icon on the home page to select a server, then you choose the server you want to run. If you need a web server, run the Web server function, if you want an FTP server and then run the FTP server. Ultimate servers offers a robust set of features for all

FTP Server

By name, FTP Server is a very simple and easy to use for your Android device FTP server. To set up a file server must be configured with your user name and password of your choice, set a default directory, then connect using an FTP client to begin to add and delete files of your choice . This application is free and good to add and remove files to download from your Android device. It can also be configured to run at startup to ensure continuous availability. FTPServer also allows more specific controls to restrict or allow access to some Wi-Fi networks to ensure safe use. Once you have all your twisted to your heart’s content settings, click “Save and Restart Server” below to begin.

Pixel Media Server

Pixel Media Server is a simple DLNA server, which means that it allows your Xbox and other multimedia stream content from your Android devices. To run it, you simply launch the application and modify two parameters: the name of the screen of your device and the folder that contains all your media files (music, movies, photos, etc). Once you do this, start the server with the “Play” button on the bottom, and you should be all set! This application is also free and fast way to get a race DLNA for streaming media files around the home server. One caveat: you’ll need to disable sleep mode on your Android device with Pixel Media Server or you may experience problems when trying to stream content.

These three applications are just a taste, there are more dozens of applications on Android that can be used to execute dozens of types of servers, including those mentioned in this guide. The best thing you can do is experiment to determine which application does what you want and meets your needs

Tips to turn android phone into server:

Your Android server be local IP address assigned, but your entire network will have its own external IP address assigned. If you use your local server and then connect with the local IP address of your appareil.Vous must make sure that you enter the correct port for each server or it will not connect properly.

You may need to configure port forwarding on the router of your home to ensure the servers are running efficiently. Port forwarding ensures your router allows other devices on your network to see the port you are using your server through.

To use one of these servers outside your home network, you’ll need to use something called Dynamic DNS and buy a domain name. Dynamic DNS is very temperamental and you may experience a number of network problems depending on your ISP and the type of router you are using. It allows your external IP address to be routed to a name easy to remember. If you are using dynamic DNS, you can really use a single server for each set of ports. Have two devices both running server on port 80, for example, can cause serious problems.
Rooting your device may not be necessary for all of these features, but we strongly recommend doing so as a precaution.


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