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Spare us dumsor during Ramadan' -Muslims

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1 Spare us dumsor during Ramadan' -Muslims on Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:34 am


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Muslims across the country have appealed to President John Dramani Mahama and the power generators to suspend the ongoing load shedding management during this year's month-long Ramadan (fasting) which commences today as was done during the Christmas and Easter festivities and the world cup fiesta.
According to them most of the activities related to the important Islamic rites, Ramadan, which is observed annually, are conducted between dusk to dawn, a period that will require more usage of electricity.
Some Muslim leaders who thronged the office of The aL-hAJJ to make the appeal argue that, Muslims are the second largest religious group of the population of Ghana and going by the tenets of the 1992 constitution of equity and fairness, “we also deserve to be treated as such”
Quoting from the preamble of the 1992 constitution and other provisions under the fundamental human rights and the directive principles of state policy, the Muslim leaders averred that Ghanaian Muslims, by right and fairness, deserve equal treatment.
Speaking to this paper on Monday, the Muslim leaders including women, numbering about 20, urged the president to be guided by his oath of office which enjoins him to be just and fair to all manner of people regardless to their status, creed, religion or ethnic affiliation.
They refer to articles 17 (2) and 35(5) of the 1992 constitution. Article 17 (2) provides that “A person shall not be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed or social or economic status.”
While 35(5) states “the State shall actively promote the integration of the peoples of Ghana and prohibit discrimination and prejudice on the grounds of place of origin, circumstances of birth, ethnic origin, gender or religion, creed or other beliefs.”
Owing to constitutional provisions on equality before the law and non-discrimination, the Muslim leaders noted that the power generators ought to treat their plea as was done to their Christian brethren.
They also referred to the preamble to the 1992 constitution to buttress their point.
"We the People of Ghana, IN EXERCISE of our natural and inalienable right to establish a framework of government, which shall secure for ourselves, and posterity the blessings of liberty, equality of opportunity and prosperity;
IN A SPIRIT of friendship and peace with all peoples of the world; AND IN SOLEMN declaration and affirmation of
our commitment to; Freedom, Justice, Probity and Accountability; The Principle that all powers of Government spring from the Sovereign Will of the People; The Principle of Universal Adult Suffrage; The Rule of Law; The protection and preservation of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms, Unity and Stability for our Nation;
It would be recalled that the debilitating power crisis, which has been christened dumsor, was suspended during the Christmas and Easter holidays. It was also put on hold during the AFCON 2014 and the 2014 world cup.
As a result, they argue that “if dumsor could be suspended during these periods then it means it could be suspended during our fasting period. We need light in the night to do most of the things expected of us during the month of fasting…, we, for example, will be storing a lot of food in the fridges during this period which will also require constant power in order not to go bad. So we are appealing to the President and handlers of the power sector to grant our request.”

Source: Al-hajj


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