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Alfred Woyome to Pay Back 51.2m Ghc Jugdement Debt | On Orders of the Supreme Court.

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Businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome has been ordered by the Supreme Court to refund the Ghc 51.2m that was paid to him by the state, the infamous Judgement Debt saga.

The court, in a unanimous decision, overturned the verdict of the High Court that awarded Woyome those damages due to a contract he had signed with the government which he claimed had been reneged upon. The court ruled those contracts, upon which the original judgement were made, as invalid and unconstitutional.

It said the contracts upon which he won his case, "was in contravention to Article 181(5) of the 1992 constitution". The clause in question, requires Parliamentary approvals of such deals before they are declared as constitutional and consequently, legally binding.

The ruling was a result of self-styled citizen vigilante and former Attorney General, Martin Amidu taking the case to court after claiming the damages awarded to Woyome were illegal.

Earlier this year, Mr Amidu had won similar judgements over Isofoton and Waterville, the two companies at the crux of the long running affair. Woyome had won his judgement in 2010, but the case had always been one filled with irregularities.

The expediency with which the payment was made after judgement was passed also raised questions about the political motivations behind the act. Woyome after all, is an unabashed NDC sympathiser.

Martin Amidu took up the citizen vigilante mantle after being removed from office as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, probably for asking one too many questions.

And after the two companies, he has added Woyome to his list of 'victims', ensuring he has won back millions of the taxpayer's money paid to undeserving entities.
The unanimous verdict was reached by an eleven member panel, chaired by the Chief Justice herself, Mrs Georgina Wood.


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