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An Amped-Up Smartphone

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1 An Amped-Up Smartphone on Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:44 am


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Sonic Smartphone

Marshall, best known for its guitar amplifiers and headphones, is moving into the smartphone market.

Its first device, London, has dual front-facing speakers and a pair of audio outputs, making it easy to share what you're listening to with a friend who's also wearing headphones, assuming you're in a setting where you don't have the option of playing the audio over speakers.

There's a dedicated button for access to various music services, and there's a scroll wheel with that unmistakable Marshall gold sheen to control the volume. Apple's iPhones have earpods, but Marshall's London comes bundled with a pair of Mode earphones (see above).

It looks beautiful, but outside of the special Marshall features, its specs align closely with many Android smartphones. It has a microSD card slot, thankfully, which seems to be rarer and rarer among new Android smartphones.

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