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[TUTORIAL] Windows 8 / 8.1 password reset with a Windows 8 / 8.1 DVD /USB and cmd

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This tutorial may come in handy. At the end if this, you should be able to reset your windows 8 password. No need for any complex process or formatting you machine jusy because of that. Remember not to do anything illegal

1. Insert the windows 8 boot disk into the DVD ROM or USB drive and restart your system.

2. Boot into the bios and disable the secure boot and or swap UEFI bios to legacy.

3. Set boot order for the DVD drive (or USB drive depending on which one you are using) first and proceed to save and exit the bios.

4. When booted from the disc select your language and click next.

5. Select Repair your computer and then click on troubleshoot.

6. Select command prompt and let the console open.

7. In the command prompt you will then see “X:windowssystem32>”

8. Type c: and hit enter, then type cd windows and hit enter again.

9. Type cd system32 and hit enter.
You will then see C:WindowsSystem32>

10. Type copy cmd.exe cmd.exe.cmd2 and hit enter.
It will then say 1 file copied

11. Type copy Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.Utilman2 and hit enter. (shows 1 file copied)

12. Then Type ren cmd.exe Utilman.exe and hit enter, after that type exit and restart.

Once booted into windows again you will see the screen asking for a password, at the Bottom left of your screen you will see an ease of access symbol, Click it.

Command prompt will now show up with admin rights.

13. Type net user and hit enter, it will then display the account names.

14. Type net user (without the arrows) and hit enter.

15. Now type the new password (or leave blank) and hit enter and confirm the password and hit enter.

16. Restart your system and at the user selection screen type in your new password (if you selected one) and hit enter.

Well done you have now reset your windows 8/8.1 password.


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Nice Tutorial. Pretty simple and easy to understand. I'll try this out soon

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