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 » Modem, MiFi & Router Unlocking » Modem Huawei 35 & 36 Imei Series ( Old ) » 

Repair IMEI lost error of Huawei and ZTE Modem Free

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ZTE Qualcomm Writer software has been made by DC unlocker team and you might already know that DC unlocker does not provide anything for free.

Why IMEI lost problem comes ?

Some Huawei and ZTE modems comes with un-customized firmware and can be unlocked easily with unlock code only. But, some Huawei and ZTE modems comes with customized firmwares and it can not be unlocked without flashing the firmware. Now users who want to use his modem with another network provider sim for them there is no choice now, he has to flash his modem to unlock the modem to able to use another network sim.

If you are using correct firmware to flash the modem then modem will be successfully unlocked using firmware flashing method. But, if you are using the corrupt or incompatible firmware or during the firmware flashing process if power supply fails then modem loss the IMEI. Some time if during firmware update power fails then modem becomes dead forever.

If you are so lucky and you lost your IMEI only, then modem can be repaired with software only.

How to repair IMEI lost modem free (ZTE or Huawei) ?

1. First download the Free “NV items reader writer software ” from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now extract in a folder using winrar software.

3. Now run NV items reader writer tool.

4. Now disconnect from the internet and close the software of zte / Huawei modem.

5. Now click on “Port” drop down and select the correct COM port of your modem. (To get the correct COM port of your ZTE / Huawei modem follow this guide.)

6. After selecting the correct COM port click on connect menu.

7. Now your modem will be connected to NV items reader writer software.

8. Now click on read button to read the NV memory of the modem.

9. In reading the firmware of modem, NV Items reader writer v1.0 software will take around 5 minutes.

10. Now it will give you option for saving in PC.

11. Save the NV backup of your Huawei / ZTE modem in PC with any name.

12. Now you have successfully taken the backup of NV Item of your modem.

13. Now you can flash the modem with any firmware.

14. If gets failed in firmware updating and your modem IMEI lost then you can again write the firmware using NV Items reader writer tool.

Note I : If PC detects the modem then only your Huawei or ZTE modems can be repaired with NV Items reader writer software or above process. If your modem / dongle is not detected by PC then only through Jtag device you can repair your ZTE or Huawei modem.

Note II : In NV Item of modem IMEI information is saved. So, when you write it back to your modem then modem IMEI gets written successfully back to your modem.

Note III : Don’t use any another modem NV Item to repair your modem. In this process your modem IMEI will be changed and network provider can blacklist your IMEI.

So, be careful before processing through above process.

Good Luck.............


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wooow nice work done

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Active Newbie
hello guys pls i need ur help in unclocking my new vodafone k4204 modem i used the NV Item to back it up and cant find any suitable software to unlock it

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Support Moderator
Support Moderator
Please what's the model.Is it k4201,K4202,K4203.
I don't think K4204 exists.Check the model.


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