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Blindspot: [SPOILER] Pays the Ultimate Price for Jane's Betrayal

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Jane's (Jaimie Alexander) jig finally came up on Monday's episode of Blindspot, moments after Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) discovers that she's been working with Oscar (Francois Arnaud) behind the FBI's back. But unfortunately, Mayfair will take Jane's secret with her to her grave.
That's right - Blindspot killed off one of its most compelling characters this week, with Mayfair taking a bullet to the ribcage courtesy of Oscar right as she's confronting Jane about her dishonesty. Oscar runs away, but Jane tries to stop Mayfair from bleeding out, to no avail. Mayfair's dying words to Jane: "I just wish I could be there to see his face when he finds out what you really are." Ouch.
She's talking, of course, about Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), who's now the interim assistant director in Mayfair's absence, and had tried earlier in the day to convince Mayfair to come clean about Operation Daylight in order to clear her name. She refuses.

And Mayfair wasn't the only casualty this week - Weller's father also succumbed to his cancer, but not before telling Weller, in a mental fog, that he really did kill Taylor Shaw all those years ago.
So if Jane isn't Taylor Shaw after all, who is she? And does Oscar know she's not Taylor Shaw, or is he also operating under misinformation?
Complicating matters is that, thanks to FBI Director Pellington (Dylan Baker), "the Jane Doe project" is shut down. After looking into Mayfair's use of FBI resources, Pellington insists that any investigations relating to Jane be put on hold, and suspends her from working with the agency. Of course, Weller disregards these orders - but instead of getting punished, he's promoted to full-time director. It's a job he doesn't want, but Pellington blackmails him into taking it, saying it's the only way he can stay with the FBI. Jane signs her release papers and Weller consoles her by making out with her in the locker room. (No doubt Jane was thinking about that kiss when Mayfair referenced Weller finally seeing the light.)
Prior to Mayfair's death, the show helpfully connects the dots for us and confirms that Sofia (Sarita Chodhury) is indeed working with Oscar & Co. to bring Mayfair down. She even has a come to Jesus conversation with Jane to keep her focused on the mission after Mayfair is arrested for Tom Carter's murder. But why? We still don't really know, and can only assume that it has something to do with Operation Daylight. I'm guessing there's a larger part of Operation Daylight that we don't know about, and that will be revealed in next week's finale - which will not, by the way, include a case of the week, and will be devoted entirely to wrapping up loose ends.
Needless to say, Monday's episode leaves us with a ton of questions heading into the season-ender. For starters, who's going to take care of Mayfair's adorable dog, Felix?!


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Yep I have a lot of questions too but I guess I will to wait for the next episode to find out what happens...............You know of late the black people don't stay for long in a tv show and so far the black actor that also happens to be a main actor ith a lead role is the actor acting as Rosewood in the tv show Rosewood sorry forgot his name

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