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How to Change APN Settings on Android & iOS Phones

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Changing APN settings of Android, iPhone & iPad is a simple task that can be done within a blink of an eye.

What is APN ? APN (Access Point Name) is the network or carrier your phone accesses for data.

On a normal day, you don’t have to touch the APN setting because it’s usually automatically configured on Android and iOS but if it happens that you are having problem with your network or you want to edit the APN settings of your device.

Here is a quick tips to change the APN settings on your Android, iPhone, or iPad:

How To Change Android Apn Settings

Go to Settings
Scroll to “Wireless & Network” ( It depends, it might be located in a different place in your own device )
Then select “Mobile Networks“
Now click on the “Access Point Names“
Change whatever you want to change there and click on “Done” to save.

How to Change APN Settings on Android & iOS Phones

How To Change iPhone Apn Settings

Go to Settings
Scroll to General > Network > Cellular Data Network.

How To Change iPad Apn Settings

Go to Settings > Cellular Data > APN Settings

Note ;

* If your carrier does not allow you to change APN settings on your Android, iPhone or iPad, you can try Unlockit, to use this type http://www.unlockit.co.nz on your device browser and follow the instructions.

I will post android unlocking very soon..........................

* Be careful when editing the APN settings because Changing the APN settings of your device can mess up your data connectivity !

* You can use the “Reset Settings” to revert back to the default APN settings if anything goes wrong.


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