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Stay Focus Kofi Adams

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1 Stay Focus Kofi Adams on Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:50 am


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By Odehyieba Kwame Duodu
In recent times there have been publications that sought to paint the spokesperson of former President Rawlings, Mr. Kofi Adams in a bad light.
The first publication was an allegation that was made by a founder member of National Democratic Party (NDP), Joseph Bediako who accused Mr. Adams, of churning out lies on the former First Lady, Nana Konadu alleging her intention to rejoin the ruling NDC.
According to Mr. Bediako, speculations in the media that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is rejoining the ruling National Democratic Congress was orchestrated by Kofi Adams, adding that it cannot be true as the ruling NDC still dwell in lies and practice corruption.
He stressed that it was surprising that Kofi Adams has suddenly turned around to bash the former First Lady after he came up with the idea of forming the National Democratic Party (NDP) in an attempt to break away from the bad practices and intimidation of the NDC during the 2011 primaries of the party.
Mr. Bediako who made the allegation on a number of radio stations further disclosed that Kofi Adams came up with the NDP’s colours, reiterating that it is unfortunate the Special Aide to the Rawlingses was heard on a radio station insulting Nana Konadu that she is not marketable.
“I always mention Kofi Adams in my speech because he helped and came up with the idea to forming the political party we call NDP…he came out with the party colours, but unfortunately we heard him on Citi FM insulting Nana Konadu that she was not marketable in an attempt to destroy the party.
‘ I was disappointed when he pulled out from NDP after helping to form the party; this is why I always mention him in my speech in anger that he is a hypocrite. I want to be emphatic that Kofi Adams will not win the National Organizer position of the NDC despite his backing from the Flagstaff House, until he stops insulting and attacking the personality of Nana Konadu,” he chided.
Mr. Adams in an interview with Radio Gold debunked that assertion with the explanation that he rather called on the NDP faction not to break away but rather stay on and fight for reforms in the party. His advice was rebuffed leading to the formation of National Democratic Party which is on the verge of collapse.
I will not have responded to the ranting of a disappointed member of a party that is on the verge of collapse.
However subsequent publications which seek to impugn on the integrity of Mr. Adams and well as paint him black in the eyes of progressive minded party faithfuls have propped up giving those of us who wish to see the NDC’s continuous stay in power a cause to worry.
The publications from all indications sought to paint Mr. Adams as someone who is not loyal to a cause. This cannot be said to be true because even when he was suspended over an alleged recording and subsequently disqualified from contesting the Buem seat, he remained loyal to the NDC.
A number of citizens from the NPP and the NDC who have the wellbeing of the constituency which is also a district at heart wanted to take the matter to court because to them the party was denying them of a hardworking, affable and progressive minded person from representing them but Mr. Adams prevailed on them to rescind their decision.
One will describe such statements and publications as coming from warped minds who want to use Mr. Adams’ name to get public attention. But what I will like them to note is that their babblings will not fly because Ghanaians are discerning enough to decipher truth from falsehood.
One would have thought after the former first lady was disqualified from contesting the 2012 general elections, the NDP will reorganise and correct the mistakes that resulted in their disqualification and leave Mr Adams alone.
But persons like Mr. Bediako have decided to embark on a vendetta to destroy Mr. Adams because they see him as a threat to their selfish and egoistic ambitions.
Others have also decided that it was time to exact their pound of flesh hence their destructive onslaught on Mr.Adams.
One thing that must be made clear is that Mr. Adams is not a man who will want to circumvent the system so as to get what he wants. In my dealings with him so far, he has not given me any cause to think that he is a man who will want to cut corners in order to gain some advantages.
It is significant to note that the fortunes of the National Democratic Party keep dwindling. In fact the party would record the lowest votes since its formation should a general election be held today.
This is because a lot of the constituents have become disappointed with the party leadership over its inability to carry party faithfuls along but have rather been detached resulting in the party faithfuls moving in a different direction. Thus while the leadership thinks they are leading the way, the party faithfuls have lost the way and are moving in another direction.
The only source of hope to the youth of the party as well as well meaning party supporters is to elect Mr. Adams as the National Organizer of the party. He is seen as one of the faces that youth and the grass roots see and see hope and development for the party and the nation.
A lot of the grass root supporters of the party see him as the antidote to the NPP’s vile propaganda which if not checked early enough could be detrimental to the government.
In fact his decision to contest has sent shivers down the spine of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).
What I will like Mr. Bediako to note is that Mr. Adams’ commitment to the NDC is not in doubt. He and his cohorts should therefore leave Mr. Adams alone and rather focus on resuscitating their comatose party which from all indications has been rejected by discerning Ghanaians.
To Mr. Adams my advice is do not be distracted by the effusions of persons who are already down and will therefore want to drag others along. Stay focus for we are almost there.

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